Signs you need to watch out for before your first PERIOD!

Have you found yourself checking up articles on Menstruation lately? Did your parents’ give you the period talk yet? Do you still feel confused about Periods? Do you feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety on distress because you still feel very unprepared for Periods?

Then yes, I am talking to you. This article is exactly for you. And it’s also for you who has been through this experience and wants to learn more about it.

I guess we all have our basics in place regarding what Periods are? Periods are a biological process in which our uterus prepares itself every month to receive an egg. In case the egg is not fertilized the thick uterine walls are shed in the form of blood vessels and expelled out of the body through the vagina. And it happens every single month. You may have either experienced it by now or still waiting for it to happen. So don’t worry, we will make the process a little easier for you. And don’t forget to have a tub of ice-cream or comfort food ready because you might just need it when it comes knocking at your door!

Girls usually enter Puberty at age 10-11 but sometimes it can be as early as nine years, so it’s always better to have a talk with your child regarding puberty and the changes they will witness during this entire period. Even though puberty might hit your daughter early , it cannot be ascertained for sure if she will start menstruating early as well. Sometimes, girls will start menstruating as early as 10 and sometimes they don’t menstruate till the age of 16. If you haven’t menstruated by the age of 16 you may want to visit a gynaecologist to make sure everything is okay.

Also you won’t be menstruating forever! Yes, you heard that right. Your first period called menarche marks the beginning of menstruation and the menstrual cycle whereas menopause marks the end of it. You will stop bleeding by the time you reach 45-50 years. Until then, you will be bleeding on a monthly basis. Another note that I would like to add here is that on the basis of general rule of thumb, one will start menstruating in about two years after the breasts begin to develop. Some of the most common signs that you can watch out for before your first period are – increased/heightened mood swings – irritability, anxiety and distress, acne, tender breasts  (you may likely experience breast pain every now and then before your periods but it’s nothing to be worried about, if it persists even after periods and is quite frequent then you may need to visit a doctor) , constipation , loose motions, uncontrollable urge to have certain kind of foods- especially sweet, tired, pain in the lower abdominal area among others.

It’s not always necessary that you may experience all these symptoms or similar symptoms before your periods. Some of you may start menstruating without exhibiting any signs or symptoms. The best way to go around your periods no matter when you get it is to have a period kit ready. It should include all the essentials such as –  a pair of clean underwear, sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups and clear wipes.

If you are having your first period or nearing your first ever period, then you can keep these signs in your mind but remember it may come unannounced as well so it’s always best to be prepared for it beforehand!

-Ankan R.

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