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Sexual Health Awareness in Adolescents

The adolescent phase is a critical phase in an individual’s life. Children go through puberty during this period which causes physical changes in their bodies. They become sexually mature and it affects girls and boys differently.

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to poor sexual health due to a lack of sexual health awareness, which further complicates their understanding of their physical bodies.

Outcomes of Poor Sexual Health in Adolescents


There are several risks involved with poor sexual health awareness in adolescents and it can often lead to disastrous outcomes. The spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections or STDs is the most common outcome of poor sexual health in adolescents. Lack of sexual health awareness can also lead to unwanted pregnancy in teenagers, which can often further lead to depression. Due to poor sexual health awareness, adolescents often become vulnerable to infection with Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, and the herpes simplex virus and other complications.


Due to the lack of sexual health awareness, many teenagers become victims of sexual exploitation. This often leads to depression and a lifelong struggle in teens. Sexual abuse of teens has been a rising concern, so it becomes even more important to educate teens about sexual health issues and the importance of ‘consent.’

Importance of Sexual Health Awareness in Adolescents


Sexual Health Awareness is important in adolescents to help them engage in safe sexual activities. It would help teenagers to understand the importance of contraceptive methods while engaging in sexual activities. 


Sexual Awareness would also help teenagers in understanding their body and determining their sexual orientation, which would further help them understand themselves better and make informed choices. Thereby, it’ll help adolescents to grow, develop and make decisions for themselves in a healthy way.


Sexual health awareness would prevent the spread of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections and diseases in adolescents. Sexual health awareness would also help to curb unwanted pregnancy in teenagers. 

Sexual awareness would further help adolescents to understand ‘consent’ and to implement it, which would prevent them from being sexually exploited.

Ways to Spread Sexual Health Awareness in Adolescents


Various ways and methods can be implemented to spread sexual health awareness in adolescents. 


  • Sexual health awareness can be spread through social media pages and campaigns. 

  • Sex education should be made compulsory in schools. 

  • Magazines and comics can also be used to outspread sexual awareness among teenagers.

  • Parents should develop a healthy and comfortable environment at home for teenagers to be able to speak freely about sexual health issues and queries.


– Tamanna Mallick


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