What We Do

What We Do

We are building an end-to-end ecosystem that leverage tech and partners with schools, parents, doctors and Organisations to help adolescents make informed choices. 

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How do we make it happen?

How do we make it happen?

We have developed an age appropriate curriculum for the teenagers which is delivered through comic books and workshops. We use interactive stories to help teens take better decisions. The chat platform is available for them 24*7. 


Age Appropriate Content Delivered through Workshops and Comic Books

Interactive Stories

Practice Decision Making through interactive stories in our app

Gamified Learning

Assessment through Gamified Learning in the app

Chat Platform

User engagement through Bolo- AI and Human Driven Chat Bot

Areas of Impact

Areas of Impact

With our broad range of topics from puberty to STDs we equip teenagers to take informed decisions about their physical, mental and sexual health. 



Accept physical and mental changes happening in teen's body.



Know connections between your relationships and personal life through different activities


Gender Sensitization

Lets accept each person as they are without any labels



Suffering will harm more than talking about bullying.



Understand the journey from habit to addiction.

Internet Addiction

Learn to optimise use of internet.

Social Media Influence

Lead your life with your own terms; do not let any media to divert your way of living.

Self Esteem

Lets understand and improve relationship with ourselves.


Personal Safety

Help to plan own boundaries from unsafe situations.

Effective Communication

Lets have positive conversation with everyone.

Stress and Time Management

Be a step ahead with less anxiety and enjoy your life.



Stay informed about risky sexual behaviours to avoid suffering from STDs.