Pia (13 years) thinks “I got only 10 likes on my recent pic, I have checked my pic atleast 15 times, no one is liking it. I think, I’m not beautiful or may be I should change my pic.”

Rohit (13 years) thinks “Why I like to talk to Pia so much, wonder she also thinks the same?”

Now, meet Sakshi our ThatMate

Sakshi interacted with Rohit and Pia and answered their questions.

She introduced them to the ThatMate app and told them they could get answers to their endless queries on it whenever they want.

So Pia and Rohit downloaded it.

With the help of ThatMate, Pia and Rohit are cognizant about the physical, psychological and emotional changes taking place in their body. They have ThatMate to talk with. With ThatMate’s age appropriate, culturally relevant and gender inclusive approach teens like Rohit and Pia are informed to take better decisions about their health

Like Pia and Rohit, ThatMate has impacted 8000 teens till date in 3 states.

When asked about the reason of getting menstruation we observed the following responses

When asked about the Childline (A helpline which helps kids to report Abuse cases)

When asked about their perception of beauty, especially understanding the myth abut fair is beautiful