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How teachers can help develop confidence in students!

Students follow their teachers in a quest to develop themselves holistically. Teachers are in a highly strategic position to instill values in students to help them pursue their goals and achieve success. One such value is that of confidence – the belief in oneself and one’s ability to succeed.

Ways in which Teachers can help build confidence in the student:

  • Model confidence: Students observe teacher’s behavior and try to emulate them. Be confident in the way you carry yourself, teach and guide them.
  • Avoid overcorrection: Engage in constructive criticism in targeted individual practice but avoid being overly critical in performance based group tasks. Reprimand for the situation not the person.
  • Praise and encourage students: We often tend to point out errors more fluidly than the things that they’ve done right. Praise them for the things they’ve done right. Do it like you mean it, being specific with the appreciation rather than just a pat on the back with a well done. Knowing that their work is appreciated may build confidence in them.
  • Present opportunity for success: Build on their strengths and teach in ways that enhance their understanding and provide them an opportunity to learn and grow. An opportunity to display their skills is likely to enhance their confidence.
  • Inculcate acceptance: Confidence is not just about projecting perfection and being headstrong, its about acceptance and acknowledgement of errors and being correctove about them. Teach students to accept mistakes gracefully. This will make them unafraid of failure and develop a sense of security in the way they are.
  • Promote creativity in class: Challenge them intellectually, promote analytical thought and encourage them to think outside the box. Allow them to express themselves creatively and take their own decisions.
  • Be sensitive to student needs: Actively listen to your students and respect their views even if you disagree with them. Don’t belittle them Do not shun the child for holding those viewd but discuss their thoughts behind it.

As teachers, play an active role in developing the students who are the torchbearers of our future. Teach them confidence, not arrogance nor insecurity; help them secure the balance between high confidence and low confidence…… For any queries …….. Contact us

 By Ms. Asmita D.

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