Guide to understanding adolescent behaviour

So, you thought you will be finally happier with your teenaged kids in high school. Well! Well! Well!

Think again then.

This is the time when their bodies undergo tremendous changes, their ‘adult’ hormones start flowing, perhaps, for the first time in their bloodstreams and they face life-altering exams all at the same time.

And you expect them to behave normally; as in normal by your standards!

Teenage is the most difficult phase of life for any young adult. And understanding them is the key to help them grow into responsible, happy and socially adjusted adults.

Their bodies and brains are all in a state of turmoil undergoing various changes. Their pre-frontal cortex that is responsible for a wide variety of executive functions—including a) Focusing attention; b) Predicting the consequences of actions or anticipating events in the environment; c) Impulse control; managing emotional reactions; d) Coordinating and adjusting complex behaviours—is still ‘work in progress’.

This makes teenagers more prone to

  1. Take risks
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Instinctive reactions
  4. Loss of self-control

Several types of research across the world show the veracity of these facts. It is essential that parents and teachers learn to leverage these factors in helping teenagers live a healthy and safe life and transcend into well-adjusted adulthood.

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By Rituparna Banerjee

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