polite words

Use Polite Words

Words well words like please thank you and excuse me how do I use them can I use them any time sure when you ask for something like food you should say may I please have some food and always say thank you when someone does something nice for you oh.


Controlling Anger

How can parents help kids learn to manage their anger? Start with yourself. De-Escalate. Remember that all feelings are allowed. Give your child ways to manage his angry impulses in the moment. Help your child be aware of her “warning signs.” Set limits on aggression. Don’t send a child away to “calm down” by herself.


Protect Yourself Rules – Grades K-3

When confronted with an abusive situation, where one or more of the “Protect Yourself Rules” come into play, we hope children will recall the “Protect Yourself Rule” icons and get away as quickly as possible. If they can’t get away, they should make a scene or defend themselves however they can. If children have evidence of abuse or if abuse happens to them, they should always tell a trusted adult as soon as they can.


Safe Touch / Unsafe Touch

You can teach your children about safe and unsafe touch without intimidating them by following the simple steps mentioned below. Teach them that their body is theirs’ alone; covered by their swimsuits are their private parts and no one is allowed to touch those parts.


Persons with Disabilities

People with disabilities have the same zeal and appreciation for life as the rest of us do. But they often get shunned, doubted, mocked and insulted. Access to public places and buildings is restricted and doors are closed for schooling and employment. India does not appear to be mature enough and understanding enough to recognise people with disabilities for what they are — people.