A Friendly Stranger

“Stranger danger.” It’s short. It’s simple. It even rhymes! But is it really the most effective abduction prevention lesson for our children? Children do not understand the concept of a stranger. Many believe that strangers are mean, ugly people — so the nice man asking for help to find his lost puppy? Not a stranger. Children also learn that some strangers – like store clerks, police officers, or parents with children – are helpful. It may be hard for them to understand the difference between strangers who could hurt them and strangers who may help them.


You Can Dress Yourself

Getting your child to dress himself up has many benefits to not just your child but to you as well. It is one thing less that you will have to do, especially once your child starts attending classes and punctuality will be of consequence. It also gives your child a chance to be responsible while also having fun with what he is wearing.


What is Good Touch & Bad Touch?

Adolescence education is an educational response to the needs, concerns and realities of adolescents but before the adolescence education in schools, it is very important to conduct the pre adolescent educational program and make the children understand the difference between good and bad touch. Recent mishaps related to children security have proved that it is very important to not only take care of the surrounding of our children but also to make them aware about it.