Am I Really Depressed?

The girl sat on her bed, staring at the wall in front. She seemed tired for a girl who had just woken up after a long night’s sleep. It took her immense strength to step out of bed and begin her day. At that moment, her mother peeped into the room. With slight irritation, the mother mentioned how the adolescent had changed – she was no longer as disciplined and active as before. 

The girl had also noticed this change in her for more than a month now. She always seemed tired and drained. She did not engage in any other activities besides going to school and for tennis coaching. Recently, she started feeling uninterested in going to school as well.  She was unable to focus on studies or what was being taught by the teachers. She seemed frustrated with the school work, her notebooks and homework was often incomplete, and this impacted her academic performance. She also had no energy or interest to play a good game of tennis, and only went for the coaching because her parents insisted she continue. Her deteriorated game made her feel terrible. She simply dragged herself through school and tennis coaching, trying to minimize any interpersonal interactions. She no longer enjoyed meeting friends or hanging out with them. She would find excuses to avoid them; and instead, would sit by herself in her room staring into space or aimlessly scrolling down the mobile screen. Looking at her own pictures on social media made her feel restless and uncomfortable. 

She is engulfed by an overwhelming sense of sadness and nothing tends to make her smile. She is less confident and gives in easily when an adversity emerges; making her feel inadequate and unworthy. This tends to create a lot of self doubt and rattles her positive self image. She feels ugly and unloved, and is repeatedly worried that her friends don’t like her. 

These changes that the girl noticed can easily be mistaken for moodiness, laziness, tantrums, arrogance or indifference. But Beware! It may be a manifestation of depression. It may impact the essence of an adolescent’s personality, causing unhealthy behaviours and thoughts to occur. We at ThatMate can help you identify depression, to differentiate between occasional bad moods or acting out and actual signs of depression. For any further queries, please contact ThatMate.  

By Ms. Asmita Dalvi

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